Letter from America

We were delighted to hear from a former Chorister, Peter Kenyon. He keeps in touch with St James' via the church website, and emailed us to say that he's glad to know that the church in which he grew up is still thriving!
Currently living in California, Peter is pictured here with his wife Deborah and two dogs Murphy and Jazzie.
Peter grew up in Haydock when Canon Spencer Wilson was Priest at St James'. When he left Ashton Grammar School he took a job with Pilkingtons as a Computer Programmer and became a Business Analyst. His business career took him through several employers, including Quinton Hazell Automotive in North Wales, Barnes Packaging Ltd in Essex, and the Sheaffer Pen Company.
December 1978 saw Peter emigrating to Canada to work for Northern Telecom Canada Limited. He became a citizen of Canada in 1983 and almost immediately the company moved him to Raleigh, NC, USA where he stayed for five years. Then on to Nashville, Tenessee, and in 1994 on to California. He and his wife (who is a native of California) moved into the Sierra Foothills (Auburn) in 2004 - a site associated with the nineteenth century gold rush!
Peter and Deborah attend Christ Community Church in Carmichael, Sacramento (www.cccnow.com) - a 40 mile journey to church! The musical services are at 8.30am, 10.00am and 11.30am , with a more traditional service in a chapel at 9.15am. The church is very focused on Jesus.
Peter summed up his message by saying:
I am very blessed with my life and it all came out of Haydock and St James Church and of course the 18th St James Scout Troop. I was in the choir at St James but my brother had a better voice than I and he giggled less!

Peter and Deborah Kenyon
article posted 30 Mar 2014