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are now on sale for this outstanding choral event, when we welcome the internationally acclaimed Warrington Male Voice Choir and their unique blend of choral pieces old and new - something for every taste! For tickets please ring
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For more details about the Warrington Male Voice Choir, please visit its website at  www.warringtonchoir.org.uk 

Heating Problems at St James the Great, Haydock

article posted 2 Nov 2014
We are delighted to be able to welcome the Warrington Male Voice Choir to Haydock once again - this time for an evening of music on a Christmas theme. We hope to give them a WARM welcome, but our ambitions in that regard are somewhat hampered by the catastrophic failure of our hitherto trusty Church Heating Boiler.

Perhaps we should not be unduly surprised. This picture is taken from the manufacturers' original specification sheet, which proclaims it to be a "Robin Hood Boiler" - so named because the firm which made it was based in Nottinghamshire. It was the latest in new technology in 1938! If you care to click on the photograph you can download the manufacturer's data sheet and see what the company had to say about it.

The Boiler House is mostly underground; it is located beneath the Wardens' Vestry, which opens from the Lady Chapel chancel step. A brick built chamber, this boiler house was sized to fit the boiler - and it is huge! There it sat, a cast-iron monstrosity, behaving as tempramentally as a retired diva. But it successfully heated the church year by year - until this autumn, that is. Finally Robin Hood was condemned as irreparable and was doomed to be broken up and removed.

A modern, much more sophisticated, boiler and control system has been specified, equipment which will last (they say) for many years and will deliver a warm church reliably. If the church is to continue serving its local community in the many ways it has been accustomed to do, that replacement boiler is an absolute necessity. In no way can it be considered as an "optional extra"! However it is a very costly necessity - it will cost over 30,000 to install and commission.

We are most grateful to the Warrington Male Voice Choir for making this concert of Christmas music possible. All revenues from this event will go towards meeting the enormous cost of installing the essential heating capability.