Palm Sunday

article posted 22 Mar 2016

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============================= Mercifully the weather was good on Palm Sunday 2016 - blue skies with some cloud, but no rain! This year it was our turn to walk across the traffic-infested main road and visit our friends at Blessed English Martyrs. As ever, Father Tom's welcome was warm and unstinting. It was good to see him and to join with his congregation in a united act of worship on this great festival. Together we remembered Our Lord's triumphal entry into Jerusalem, when that capacity crowd attending the passover for once forgot their differences and united in praise of the One who came in the Name of the Lord. In recognition of shared faith in one Saviour, two priests bestrode the divisions bequeathed by history and stood side by side in blessing their mingled flocks. He who rode that donkey so many centuries before had prayed for this.

Once more out onto the main road, the procession sang its hymn of praise as it returned to St James', and then in two neighbouring churches the two congregations remembered with thanks that great sacrifice of devine love of which the palmy procession was overture.

After the service we took home our customary familiar palm crosses, but across the miles had come two special palm crosses brought from Spain. They were beautiful and intricate, and clearly fascinated one young member of the congregation!