article posted 11 Apr 2016

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============================= Here are some photographs of our celebrations in the days leading up to Easter Sunday 2016. Our thanks to Irene Jones for making these available. At the Seder Meal we remembered the context in which the Last Supper was celebrated, and thought about how this sheds light upon the institution of the Eucharist. On Good Friday the Reserved Sacrament was held in a place apart - the aumbry was empty.

The Easter Ceremonies on Saturday evening are always a time of careful meditation as we kindle the light and bring the Pascal Candle into the church - a moving service in which a climax is the Easter Acclamation; "Alleluia! Christ is Risen!" and the joyful response; "He is Risen indeed! Alleluia!" The clamour of hand-bells is a fitting accompaniment to this proclamation - indeed, on this occasion we drowned out the organ!

The Pascal Candle was taken in procession up the Nave and into the Sanctuary where it will stay for the Easter season, beneath the Rood. This a continuing reminder of Christ's great love in enduring the cross, but also of his rising again from the dead, conquering death itself and bringing his unquenchable light to the world.