Pantomime 2017
Babes in the Wood

article posted 11 Jan 2017

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A Pantomime works because the audience knows the story already, and can therefore enjoy The originality of each cast's retelling - with embellishments - of the tale.

The essential ingredients of a pantomime are sentimentality, magic, cross-dressing, music and hysterical shouting.

The audience suspends disbelief and works with The ridiculous characters who poke fun at themselves, the story and the topical references.

There is usually a beautiful girl, (played by a girl), and a handsome man, (played by a girl) - the Principal Boy, but not today! There is at least one brash woman, (played by a man) - the Dame. The plot is generally helped along with magic. Our audience today is our magic! There is always a Baddie, who generally gets their comeuppance; wait and see!

There is always a happy ending. (Aaaah!) Audience participation is essential: Oh yes it is...!

Enjoy yourselves!