Fathers' Farewell
article posted 13 May 2017

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A day of sadness and joy, of leaving and of moving on to pastures new. On this day Fr Rodney and Fr Robin shoehorned themselves and their belongings into a car which seemed to have shrunk overnight, and began their journey to Spain.

We turned out in force on that sunny morning to wish them "Buen Viaje!" and "God Speed". It was a while since Fr Rodney had spoiled our New Year celebrations by announcing his retirement, but when we found out Fr Rodney was moving to a ministry in retirement in the Costa Blanca we realised that the Devine Chessmaster had created the ideal move for both the Fathers.

So there were tears and cheers as the two worthies finalised the packing, took the photographs, and finally drove away down the Vicarage drive. We sang the inevitable anthem "Viva Espaņa" and followed it with "For They're Two Jolly Good Fellows" - not quite in tune, perhaps, but very sincerely meant.

We'll miss them both. Miss them for their sheer hard work, day in, day out, bringing something of the presence of Jesus to Haydock for so many years. We'll miss them for the Chez Cure nights, for the Pilgrimages, for the obsessively high standards they demanded in the liturgical contexts. But most of all we'll miss them for their friendship and amazing sense of humour!

Farewell, Fathers both - may God bless you richly in the new ministries to which He has called you!