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About the
Guild of St Raphael

article posted 27 June 2017

The Guild of St Raphael was formed just over a century ago to promote a proper understanding of the Church'ís ministry of healing. During that time it worked to re-establish a sacramental approach to this work at local church level and established many local branches, both in England and overseas. It sought to emphasise and develop the ministry of prayer for the sick and its branches met regularly for such prayer and for the laying on of hands, most often in context of the Eucharist.

To mark its centenary, in October 2015 the Guild of St Raphael was re-united with the Guild of Health, the sister organisation out of which the Guild of St Raphael was formed in 1915. The two Guilds separated then to pursue two different aspects of the healing ministry. Now in the 21st Century it became evident that the time was right for these two complementary ministries to come together once again. So we celebrate the formation of the Guild of Health & St Raphael.

At local branch level, the shorter name of "Guild of St Raphael" has been retained for the purposes of their locally based work.

More details about the Guild of Health & St Raphael can be found on its website at
Here at St James the Great, Haydock, we have one of the larger Branches of the Guild. We meet at 7.30pm on the last Tuesday of each month for a celebration of the Eucharist with the laying-on of hands. If you'd like to come to that service you'd be very welcome.

Our Guild Secretary is Mrs Enda Clough, telephone 01 942 720 237