Mothers' Union
article posted 13 Nov 2012

Mothers' Union is active here at St James the Great, Haydock. The Branch Leader is Geraldine Peplow, and if you'd like further information she'd be glad to hear from you. Her email address is:

Our parish branch of the Mothers’ Union meets on the first Tuesday in the month. Meetings begin with a celebration of the Eucharist at 7.30pm. On this page you can see brief notes of recent meetings - scroll down to see records of previous meeitngs.
For more details about the work of the Mothers’ Union, please visit its website at 

Branch Meetings
5th May & 2nd June 2015

article posted 12 Jun 2015
Speaker at the May meeting:
Sue Farrugia gave a fascinating insight into what she feels is her 'calling from God' which started with a compulsion to go to Moldovia to do what she could to help the plight of girls who, after being turned out of orphanages, were forced into prostitution. Despite her own serious health problems she continued to fund raise and raise awareness of trafficking. Now, six years on, she continues her 'calling' by working in a safe house in Liverpool, set up for people who have been used in trafficking.

Distribution of funds raised:
Discussions took place at both meetings about how funds raised from the Lent Lunches should be distributed. The finalised list can be seen on the notice board. Money which was to have been given towards a prosthetic leg for Harrison Ledsham, who, sadly, recently died, will be forwarded to his family via Haydock High School. Money which has been raised by the Tiddlers' Group will be tied in to the donation plan.

Mothers' Union Banner
Discussions continue on how to modify the Mothers' Union banner to make it safer and easier to carry. Some modifications have already been made and it was decided to use the banner again at Walking Day to be better able to judge whether any further modifications are needed.

Deanery Festival
The recent Deanery Festival was well attended and the many members from St James' who attended were thanked. The £100 raised has been donated to the Wheels Appeal.

Deanery Meeting
Geraldine reported on the discussion which took place at the Deanery Meeting on possible boundary changes and the amalgamation of the Warrington Branches. Further information on this is expected soon.

Indoor & Senior Members
Each branch has been asked for a donation of £40 towards costs of the Indoor & Senior Members' Tea which is to take place at St Oswald's Winwick at 2pm on Thursday, 6 August. Joan and Audrey need to confirm their attendance to Geraldine as soon as possible as final catering numbers are needed.

Janet is to check the Mothers' Union web site for new directives on Safeguarding. Pam Keegan is the Deanery's Safeguarding contact.

Mothers' Union Fleece
Sleeveless fleece jackets, embroidered with the Mothers' Union emblem, are available at a cost of £15. Please let Geraldine know if you wish to purchase any.

Families First
Subscriptions of £10.50 for Families First are now due. Please pay Rita as soon as possible if you wish to continue to, or begin to, subscribe.

Summer Fair
Most preparations for the Summer Fair are complete but tombola prizes and offers of help on the day are needed. Help is also needed in checking the marquees prior to the fair and in erecting them on the day.

Garden Tea
The Wheels Appeal is to, again, benefit from funds raised at the Garden Tea which is to take place on Saturday, 18 July 2015. Last year £300 was sent.

June Outing
A barge trip with afternoon tea has been booked for Friday, 12 June. The minibus will leave the church car park at 12 noon to take us to the embarkation point at the Ring o'Bells, Burscough. The cost is £22, including transport.

Please continue to check the notice board for up-dates, information and further details on the list of events.

It is possible to have the agenda, the diary dates list and/or meeting notes e-mailed to you. If you wish to receive any, or all, of them by email please inform Elaine Wallwork.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will take place after the 7.30 Eucharist on Tuesday, 7 July 2015. It is hoped that Janet and Sylvia will talk to us about church music in all its various forms.

Branch Meeting 7th April 2015
article posted 25 Apr 2015
Debbie Williams was thanked for agreeing to step in, at short notice. She gave us a very interesting and informative talk on how and why the Prayer Space in St Helens Market came into being and what the future plans for this innovative outreach project are. She explained that volunteers from local churches, in collaboration with Mission in the Economy, had set up and continue to run the Prayer Space. It is proving popular with St Helens shoppers, so much so that requests have been made for it to continue. It is usually open on Thursdays, but daily during school holidays. During Advent people were invited to put prayers and notes on a Christmas tree and to light candles. A service was later held at the Parish Church to honour the 187 prayer notes and hundreds of candles. There are plans to develop this outreach further by having themes to encourage even more people to visit the Space. Debbie told us that Bishop Paul had sent a message on Twitter, of thanks and congratulations on the work being done there, and expressed his intention to visit the Space, when possible.
We learnt that Dorothy is making a good recovery and hopes to be back with us soon. We also learnt that Sheila has been quite poorly and is still in hospital. We send them our love and prayers.
Lent Lunches
Lent lunches raised £1,180. After a lengthy discussion on how this money should be donated, it was decided that we should all consider this and provide Rita/Geraldine with ideas. Final decisions will be taken at our next meeting. Thanks were offered to everyone who had been involved in any way with the Lent Lunches.
Visitors from Myanmar
On Thursday, 19 March Rita and Gill went to the Deanery Lunch for the visitors from Myanmar. Photographs they took on the day were circulated. They had very much enjoyed meeting the visitors and learning how the Mothers' Union Literacy Fund is supporting the education of children in Myanmar. The visitors had stressed how much they appreciate the support they receive from the Mothers' Union.
Leprosy Mission
The 'thank you' letter received from the Leprosy Mission in respect of the donation sent to them says a list of projects they are involved with in Sri Lanka is being drawn up and more details will follow.
Deanery Festival - 20 April : 7.30 pm : St Peters, Newton
It is hoped as many members as possible will attend. Please let Rita/Geraldine know if you are able to go so that car sharing can be arranged.
Quiet Day - 19 May
If you wish to attend, please let Rita have your name by 28 April (for catering reasons)
Summer Fayre - Saturday, 20 June
Offers of help and prizes for our tombola stall are required.
Garden Tea - Saturday, 18 July
It was suggested that the Garden Tea be held in the Parish Room and Vicarage Garden again this year. Geraldine will check with Fr Rodney if this could be a possibility. The event will be discussed again at our next meeting.
Social Event
It was decided to hold our social event in the second week of June. Suggestions regarding the event are welcome.
Please continue to check the notice board for up-dates and further details on the list of 2015 events.
It is possible to have the agenda, the diary dates list and/or meeting notes e-mailed to you. If you wish to receive any, or all, of them by e-mail please inform Elaine Wallwork.
Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Mothers' Union will be held on Tuesday 5 May after the 7.30 pm Eucharist when Sue Farrugia will speak to us about trafficking. In a change to the advertised programme, there will be no speaker at the June meeting in order that this can be used as a planning meeting.

Branch Meeting 3rd February 2015
article posted 15 Feb 2015
We are indebted to Fr Rodney for giving us such a fascinating insight into the traditions and rules relating to vestments. It was a thoroughly enjoyable open event and we look forward to his promised talk on church registers.
Member Update
All fees have now been received and end of year financial returns have been completed. We have 22 members currently, and one Indoor Member, Joan Nicholls.
Spring Catalogue
The Mothers' Union Spring Catalogue is circulating. We have a very short deadline in which to submit orders. Please place your orders with Elaine Wallwork, who is co-ordinating this.
Leprosy Mission
Gill Haydock is preparing to send off the currently collected funds. If there are any more boxes to be submitted, please let her have them urgently.
Lent Lunches
Lent lunches begin again on Friday, 20 February. Names of soup and cake makers, offers of help, donations and raffle prizes to Geraldine please.
Football Card
Phil Peplow is running a football card in order to raise funds. Please participate.
Summer Fair The Summer Fayre is to be held on Saturday, 20 June, this year. The Mothers' Union has again been asked to run a tombola stall. Prizes towards this are requested.
Craft Classes Janet has offered to run blocks of 4 week craft classes. There will be a small charge and the profit will be donated. Anyone interested in these classes should speak to Janet for more details.
Social Event It is planned to have an outing in June. Amigos has been suggested but any alternative ideas would be welcomed.
Diary Dates Please see the notice board for a list of 2015 events. It is important to check this regularly as more dates will be added as they become available. It is possible to have the agenda, the diary dates list and/or meeting notes e?mailed to you. If you wish to receive any, or all, of them by e?mail please inform Elaine Wallwork.Please see the notice board for a list of 2015 events. It is important to check this regularly as more dates will be added as they become available. It is possible to have the agenda, the diary dates list and/or meeting notes emailed to you. If you wish to receive any, or all, of them by email please inform Elaine Wallwork.
Next Meeting: The next meeting is to be held on Tuesday, 3 March, 2015, after the 7.30 pm Eucharist. This is an open meeting and everyone is welcome to join us to listen to the authoress, Joan Skillicorn, who publishes her writings under the name of J Carmen-Smith. She will be telling us how researching her family tree, and her Spanish grandparents in particular, led her to Santiago de Compostela and about what she discovered there.

Branch Meeting 4th November
article posted 07 Nov 2014
This was an open meeting and several visitors were welcome. Janet Dawber demonstrated how to make Christmas decorations from household items. She then showed us how to make bells from caster sugar and a character bear out of icing. We had fun trying our hands at the latter. Janet was thanked for a most interesting and enjoyable evening. Janet is considering arranging group crafting events in the new year to raise funds for church. An update on this will be given after Christmas.
Member Update
Geraldine informed us that Joan Nicholls has had her operation and is likely to leave hospital at the weekend. We wish Joan a speedy recovery.
Mothers’ Union fees for next year have increased to £18.50. Please let Rita have any outstanding fees.
Leprosy Mission
The next batch of boxes is due to be counted. When the outstanding ones have been received another cheque will be sent to the Leprosy Mission. Please let Gill have any full boxes you may have.
Families First
Rita requested any outstanding subscriptions. The cost is £10.50.
Christmas Meal
A booking has been made for a combined Choir and Mothers’ Union Christmas Meal. This is to be held at Lymewood Farm at 7.30 pm on 3 December 2014.
Diary Dates

Branch Meeting 7th October
article posted 11 Oct 2014
Donations from MU fund raising Leprosy Mission
A cheque for £85 has been sent.
Families First
Subscriptions of £10.50 are due. Please let Rita have your money if you wish to continue receiving this magazine.
As Nancy will be on holiday, help is required for 5th, 12th and 19th November. Please contact Janet if you are able to help.
McMillan Coffee Evening
Those who attended the event on 23 September at St Marks had a very enjoyable evening. There were fewer St James’ attendees this year than last and it is hoped we will be well represented at this annual event next time.
Christmas Meal
A group booking is being made for a meal at Lymewood Farm on 3 December 2014. To book a place please let Elaine Wallwork have your £16 and your choice of starter. See notice board for menu.
Diary Dates

Branch Meeting 1st July
article posted 03 Jun 2014
      Rita informed us that Geraldine is making steady progress. Our summer trip has been postponed until September in the hope that Geraldine will be well enough to join us. Please let Rita have any ideas for where to go/what to do.
      Sylvia was congratulated on her imminent 40th wedding anniversary.
      Letters of thanks for donations given to ‘Debra’ and the Wood Street Mission have been received and are now on the notice board.
      The Mothers’ Union rally will be at Widnes Rugby Ground on 12 September 2014. The key speaker will be Barbara Taylor, Divisional President.
      On 25 October there is to be a ‘Sharing Morning’.
      20 November is Cathedral Day. The theme this year is ‘Violence Against Women’.
      On 1 December the Diocesan Carol Service will be held in Childwall
      On 7 December the World Wide President will be speaking at Evensong.
      More details of these events can be found on the notice board.
      The Mothers’ Union Autumn/Winter catalogue is now available. If anyone wishes to purchase from this catalogue please see Elaine who is to co-ordinate a combined order.
      Please inform Rita, as soon as possible, if you require a 2015 Mothers’ Union diary and/or year planner.
      The Summer Afternoon Tea event is to be held in the Parish Room and, weather permitting, the Vicarage garden, on Saturday, 26 July, 10 am until 3 pm. Tickets cost £3.50 and are available from any Mothers’ Union member. They will also be sold at the back of church on the two Sundays prior to the event. This is a fund raising event to benefit the ‘Wheels Appeal’. Discussion took place on how MU members can help with this event. Please see Rita if clarification is needed. Rita is to check if we can use the Parish Room on the evening of Friday, 25 July to begin preparations.

Branch Meeting 6th May
article posted 07 May 2014
      Our talk this evening was by Sheila Walsh, writer/storyteller and guide at Speke Hall, Liverpool. Sheila, whilst dressed in a costume of the era, gave us a very interesting insight into the life and times of a Tudor lady.
      Members were asked to keep in their prayers Joan Nicholls, on the loss of her husband, and Geraldine Peplow whose treatment is continuing.
      Rita thanked everyone who contributed in any way to the Lent Lunches which raised £1,053.26. Final decisions on how the money will be donated have yet to be made. Suggestions include contributions towards a new boiler for the kitchen, to the unit treating Geraldine and/or towards sponsorship of Sarah Finney’s trip to Japan.
      Janet thanked Pat, Nancy and Sue for their help with the busy Tiddlers’ group. Funds are healthy, some of which will be spent on buying new toys.
      Our Wave of Prayer meeting will be held on 14 May 2014 at 7.30 pm.
      Discussions about the summer outing were postponed. It was felt that an outing in July would be more appropriate as it is hoped that Geraldine will be well enough by then to join us.

Branch Meeting 4th February
article posted 6 Feb 2014
Rita drew everyone’s attention to the documents on the board, especially the agenda for this year which shows who is on tea duty, who is to provide a raffle prize and who the speaker for each meeting will be. There are also lists to record names for help/contributions towards Lent Lunches etc. Please add your name to the list to ensure that there is sufficient cover and that there will be sufficient soup/scones etc available.
We are to hold a service for Women’s World Day of Prayer at 2.00 pm on Friday, 7 March. This will be a particularly busy day as it is the first of the Lent Lunches. Please see Janet if you can help or will be attending.
We will be hosting the Deanery Festival at 7.00 pm on Monday, 24 March. Tea/coffee and ‘themed’ cakes will be offered. Donations of cakes are needed. Recipes can be obtained from Janet. Help is also required on the night.
Fees for next year stand at £17.50. Rita offered to operate a ‘savings club’ if anyone wishes to pay towards the Christmas meal, rather than having to pay the whole sum at an expensive time of year.
The number of children and their carers attending Tiddlers has increased with an average attendance of 20 children. Janet is considering whether it may be feasible to hold two sessions. Alternatively it may be necessary to decide on a maximum number. This is a difficult decision as we do not wish to turn anyone away but to hold an additional session means recruiting more volunteers.
Gill currently has around £110 for the Leprosy mission with a few more boxes still to be returned. If you have a Leprosy mission box please let Gill have it as soon as possible.

Next Branch Meeting
article posted 12 Dec 2013
We are not meeting formally this month, but members were encouraged to attend the Eucharist at 7.30pm. on 4th December. Our Christmas Dinner this year was at Lymewood Farm on Wednesday 4th. December, After that our next meeting will be on Tuesday 7th. January, Following the 7.30pm. Eucharist we shall be holding our Annual General Meeting.

Branch Meeting 1st October
article posted 8 Oct 2013
Austin Griffiths, Chair of the local Parkinson’s Group gave us a very interesting insight into this degenerative neurological condition. Parkinson’s is difficult to diagnose as there is no specific test and some symptoms are those present in other conditions. Whilst not fatal, it is disabling through mobility and co-ordination but can be controlled via individualised medication. Parkinson’s mainly occurs in those over 65 years old but can begin at any age. Generally, the earlier in life the condition begins, the more disabling it becomes. Although not thought to be hereditary, research has been commissioned to look for genetic indicators.
Please let Sylvia have any photographs you may have of mothers union members engaging in church activities.
The McMillan evening at St Marks, which several of our branch members attended, raised over £800. In addition to supporting the event on the day, our branch gave a donation of £50.
Would those who take Families First magazine please let Rita have the annual subscription of £9 as soon as possible.
There have been difficulties in obtaining the festive menu from Lymewood Farm but a provisional booking has now been made for Wednesday, 4 December. Elaine will circulate the menu, collate choices and collect deposits, as soon as the menu becomes available.
Please see Joan if you require a Mothers Union almanac, cost £1.30 each.
A cheque for £110 has been sent to the Leprosy Mission. Please let Jill have any boxes which are full. She will collate funds and forward them to the Leprosy Mission on an on-going basis.
There is to be a Diocesan carol service at St Helens Parish Church at 7.30 pm on 11 December 2013. It is hoped that as many members as possible will attend.
Jackie Cutler will be our speaker on 8 November and will demonstrate table decorations.
If you would like to receive a copy of the notes from our Mothers Union meetings, please let Elaine have your e’mail address.

Branch Meeting 3rd September
article posted 6 Sep 2013
We were expecting to have a speaker from the NHS to talk about Learning Difficulties. However, when contact was made regarding final arrangements it was discovered that the speaker had gone on annual leave!
The October meeting will be open to everyone. Austin Griffiths will talk to us about Parkinson’s Disease.
Please let Sylvia have any photographs you may have of mothers union members engaging in church activities.
We have been invited to attend a McMillan Coffee & Cake fund-raising evening which Tango (at St Marks School) is holding. The event is to be held on Tuesday, 24 September 2014, starting at 7.00pm. Please let Geraldine know if you require a lift.
Geraldine will check the details of the McMillan event that Karina is planning.
It was decided that £50 from the £293 remaining, after distributing funds raised by holding Lent lunches, should be given to both the McMillan events, effectively meaning that McMillan will benefit by £100. The remaining £193 will be donated to the Parish Room roof restoration fund.
Geraldine informed us that she had bought and brought contents for ‘Quiet Corner bags’ but they are still to be compiled. Note: Irene Jones has taken them home to make up. The pencil cases will be put in church and used in the childrens corner.
It is understood that the donations given by the Mothers Union branch fundraising over the years and from some members of the congregation. was used to buy quality furniture for the Quiet Corner. The latest donation from the MU being the purchasing and making of the new curtains in the Childrens Corner.
A receipt has been received from the Wood Street Mission, for the donation sent. They have not yet responded regarding a request for a speaker.
Janet to double check the Safeguarding paperwork sent from MU Liverpool to ensure that we are within guidelines. As none of the children attending Tiddlers are un-chaperoned, the Safeguarding legislation should not affect those working with this group.
Please support Mothers Union fundraising by purchasing goods from the catalogue. Elaine needs to place a combined order by 15 September, if possible. It is understood that diaries and almanacs have been ordered separately. Please see Elaine if you have not yet had sight of the catalogue.
Please see Geraldine/Rita if you order Families First as renewal is due.
Christmas Meal this year is to be on Wednesday, 4 December at Lymewood Farm. Please let Elaine know as soon as possible whether you will be attending. NB: There will be no Mothers’ Union Meeting on Tuesday 3 December. The Cheese and Wine event planned for then will be held in January after the AGM..

Mothers' Union
Summer Garden Tea
20th July 2013

article posted 29 Jul 2013
This year the Mothers' Union Summer Garden Tea was held in aid of the charity ‘Wheels Appeal’. Here are some photographs of that event.

Branch Meeting 2nd July
article posted 8 Jul 2013
Congratulations to Karina and Paul on their 25th wedding anniversary last month and to Dorothy Smith, who has a special birthday this month and also to Nancy and Alan Holloway who will have reached their 40th wedding anniversary later this month. As they were not present, the flowers bought to mark the events will be passed on to them later this week.
Ett Weaver was welcomed back to the meeting.
Geraldine thanked everyone for their help at the Family Fun Day. Discussions were held on what went well and what could have been improved upon. Members felt that it was important to ensure, in future, there is no duplication (ie tombola and face painting) and that activities by other stalls do not detract from the ability to raise funds for St James. This feedback will be given to Phil Peplow.
Our Summer Social Outing was held on 20 June with a meal at the White Lion, Wrightington. Everyone enjoyed the evening and the excellent food.
Geraldine thanked the 8 members who attended St Marys, Lowton, summer social evening on Tuesday, 25 June. The quiz and sing-along entertainment were enjoyable.
The Tiddlers Group will have a fancy dress party to mark term ending on 17 July. Those children leaving to start school in September will be given a book.
Garden Tea on 20 July at 71 Springfield Park, Haydock
It is hoped that, as agreed, other Mothers’ Union branches will support this, our summer fund raising event. Tickets cost £3.50 and are available from MU members. If you are unable to purchase before hand, payment can be made on the day. Monies raised are to be given towards the MU Wheels Appeal Project.
Sylvia is organising a display in church of Mother’s Union history, work, events past, present and future. If members or ex members have memorabilia that can be used, please pass to Sylvia asap.
There will be no meeting in August.
At our meeting in September the speaker from the NHS will talk on learning difficulties and disability living. This is to be an open meeting. All members and congregation are welcome to attend.
A catalogue of Mothers’ Union products, Christmas cards, diaries, etc is available. Please see Elaine Wallwork if you wish to order from it.

Branch Meeting
article posted 10 May 2013

The speaker this evening was Keith Sanderson, who is Chairman of Merseyside Magistrates Association, Bench Chairman in St Helens and sits on the Family Panel.
The Merseyside Magistrates Associate protects the interests of magistrates and consults with Government and others concerning the justice system. The Magistrate system is over 650 years old, an ancient tradition currently being brought up-to-date by the use of new technology.
Anyone, aged between 18 and 70, can become a magistrate by making a formal application and being successful at interview. No legal qualifications are necessary but a commitment to sit for 28 days per year is required.
The magistrates bench consists of a panel of thee lay Magistrates plus a legal advisor who provides advice and guidance on offences and sentences. Magistrates receive no remuneration, with the exception of the District Judge, who is a Stipendiary Magistrate.
It is the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) that decides whether to prosecute an offender. Every prosecution begins in the Magistrates court. Defendants may plead guilty, not guilty or choose not to enter a plea. If pleading guilty the matter is immediately dealt with by Magistrates. If pleading not guilty a trial results and the defendant is remanded in custody whilst reports are produced. Currently, the maximum sentence that Magistrates can give is 12 months imprisonment, but this is under review.
Most minor offences result in a conditional discharge, fines or community orders. Certain offences, such as violent disorder, automatically results in a prison sentence, although the circumstances of all cases are considered before a decision is made. There are also court costs and victim surcharge to pay. However, there are currently hundreds of millions of pounds owing to the Government in unpaid fines.
Other duties of Magistrates include issuing warrants to the police for raids, stake outs, etc and providing the means to make statutory statements when people need to give evidence for incidents which happened elsewhere.
Those Magistrates wishing to work in the Family Court have to undertake special training. Their work involves orders for access, residency, adoption, removal etc. The family Courts have become busier than the Adult Courts, particularly since the Baby P enquiry.
A Scrutiny Panel is currently looking into whether the Police assuming greater responsibility for dealing with crimes and punishment is in the public interest and whether this is the reason for the decline in numbers being brought before Adult Court Magistrates. Merseyside has the second highest rate (after London – a much bigger area) for the issuing of cautions.
Keith was thanked for his most interesting and informative talk and for taking time out to speak to us, particularly this week as his daughter is getting married on Friday.

Mothers’ Union Business:
Amongst the apologies were Joan Nichols, who is recovering from a knee operation, and Lilian Adamson who has been injured in a car crash. We wish them both speedy recoveries.
A letter has been received from the Leprosy Mission, following their talk, and is attached to the notice board.
Geraldine thanked everyone for supporting the Deanery Festival. Thirteen members of St James’ Mothers’ Union attended.
A further £455 of funds raised by providing Lent Lunches has been allocated. Please see the list on the notice board.
Arrangements for the June outing have still to be finalised. Rita will check whether a visit to Wigan Little Theatre on 25 or 26 June, to see Calendar Girls, might be possible.
Mothers’ Union Headquarters have been asked to provide literature and support items for the display which Sylvia is organising for October.


Branch meeting 2 April 2013
article posted 28 Apr 2013

Geraldine thanked Mothers’ Union Members for supporting, in various different ways with the Lent Lunches. Funds raised from this six week event are in excess of £1,000. Recipients of the funds raised will be discussed and agreed with members during the May meeting. Janet informed the meeting that £141 had been raised at Tiddlers group for Comic Relief. Elaine volunteered to help at the Tiddlers group to cover Nancy’s holidays.
Gill told us that a cheque for £70 is to be sent to the Leprosy Mission. This is the amount from boxes she has recently received and further cheques will be sent as and when other boxes are returned to her.
Geraldine encouraged the purchase of four Mary Sumner cards which are available for £1.25 each and the few remaining MU calendars for £1.30 each.
Fr Ian Wynne was the speaker at this meeting. He shared with us that he had been aware from a very early age that God was calling him to do something. He felt that over the years he had been guided along different paths towards his calling to ministry later in life than most. He felt that his work in the church at Winwick and becoming a GP were also callings from God and that each phase of his life had been what God wanted him to do at that particular time. Fr Ian explained that each one of us has individual callings from God, even if it is to serve others or simply to pray. We are given talents and opportunities to help us do the work that He requires of us, whatever that may be, and that a calling may be dramatic or received more quietly, like a series of prods. Fr Ian acknowledged that it can be difficult to recognise what God is asking us to do and felt that the way to be sure is to pray for guidance, listen to what God is saying and then, even if you are not certain, try to do the work to the best of your ability and accept the path that God has chosen for you.