Fr Ian Wynne
ordained Priest

article posted 10th June 2012
A year ago we welcomed Fr Ian Wynne to Haydock as Non- Stipendiary Curate. The members of the congregation at St James the Great took him to their hearts, so on Sunday 10th June 2012 the Yikkers were out in force to support him at Liverpool Cathedral as he was ordained Priest. We heard the retired Bishop of Sheffield admonish the ordinands that they were embarking on an impossible job, that of breaking down barriers and enabling people to see and respond to Jesus Christ. Undeterred, Fr Ian Wynne and the other candidates presented themselves to the Bishop of Liverpool and experienced the laying on of hands as they were made Priests in the church of God.
We hold Fr Ian in our thoughts and prayers as he embarks upon this new and demanding phase of his ministry, and we thank God for him.

Roof Damage
article posted 19 Aug 2011

During two months the roof of our church was seriously damaged by criminals who removed lead sheets and other metal fittings. They hoped to make a few pounds by selling these items on the scrap metal market, but they left in their wake a huge repair bill. Click [here]. for more details of the problem facing the church community.

Parish & School Partnership Award
article posted 13 July 2011
There is a long history here at St James' of close collaboration between church and school. Recently the Head Teacher and the clergy went through an exercise to document this collaboration. Together we secured the prestigeous Parish & School Partnership Award, which is shortly to be displayed in the church. To see the certificate please click [here].

Doctor of Souls
article posted 8 July 2011
On Sunday 3rd July we were delighted to welcome Fr Ian Wynne to the ministry team here at St James the Great, Haydock. He had been ordained deacon that morning in a service at Liverpool Cathedral, but as he embraces his new ministry Fr Ian will continue to practice as a GP in Newton. To see what the St Helens Reporter thought about this, please click [here].

Mary's Month
article posted 21 May 2011
The month of May is Mary’s month so on a chilly and cloudy (but thankfully dry) May Saturday (21st of the month) we held our Annual May Devotion. The day was particularly enlightening and thought-provoking in many ways. Click [here] to read about the day and see some photographs taken at the services.

Splendid Evening!
article posted 5th May 2012

Those who went elsewhere on Friday 4th May missed a treat! Our Family-Friendly Race Night in the Parish Centre at St James the Great was a great evening's entertainment.
It's not likely that you'll have been to a more enjoyable race evening (unless it was the one we held last year!). Punters brought their own picnics and settled down to enjoy the gripping spectacle of our frequently fantabulously fundamentally funny races.
This event was staged to raise funds for our Walsingham Cell. After a really enjoyable social night out, we had raised over £500 for that worthy cause. Our thanks to all who made this Race Night possible, and to all who supported us so generously. We gratefully record the support of Alan Jones Funeral Directors and of Haydock Funeral Services. Please click [here] for photographs and an account of the evening.
The Cell is a local group formed to support the Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham. We organise pilgrimages to Walsingham, usually during August, and we celebrate the major Marian festivals here at St James the Great, Haydock. Each Thursday evening at 7.00pm you'll find members of the cell and other friends saying the Rosary in church - you'd be welcome to join us if you'd like to.

Pilgrimage to Barcelona and Monserrat
article posted 10 October 2011

A most moving experience. Especially to see the "little brown one", the statue of Our Lady with the Christ Child enthrooned on her knee. The Roman Catholic administrators of the Shrine were enormously helpful and supportive of our pilgrimage, and allowed us the use of North Chapel, a beautiful nearly circular chapel immediately behind the image of Our Lady, to celebrate mass, which was the hight point of our Pilgrimage. Please click [here] if you would like to see an account of our journey (it's a 2MB download which may take a little time to download on a slow connection).

Wines from Around the World
article posted 20 October 2011
We were delighted with the support we recieved for our Wine Tasting on Friday 14th October at 7.30pm, which featured wines from around the world. The room was full, the wine proved popular, the sellers of raffle tickets persuasive. As a result this most enjoyable evening raised over £400 towards our roof rescue project. Sincere thanks to all who supported us.

Pilgrimage to Ladyewell
article posted 6 June 2011
On Saturday 4th June 2011 Anglicans from the North West converged on the ancient shrine of Ladyewell at Fernyhalgh near Preston. A group from St James the Great took part in the Pilgrimage. If you'd like to read about the day and see some photographs taken at the services, please click [here].

Patronal Celebration!
article posted 27 July 2012
The statue of St James the Great looks down upon the communion rail, reminding us of the discipleship and courage of the apostle for whom our church is named. Many members of the congregation had already marked the saint's day by attending the service at 9.30am, but in the evening a goodly number of us gathered in the Lady Chapel for the Eucharist. We were delighted to welcome the musical talents of Ex Choro to enrich our worship, and also the down to earth wisdom of Fr Geoffrey who exhorted us to follow our patron saint's example. Fr Ian proved to be a most fitting celebrant for the occasion.
After the solemnity of the Mass the congregation repaired to the newly manicured cloistered garden of the Vicarage for some well-earned relaxation.

Mine Host presided at the Bar with practiced ease, and the rest of us enjoyed the pleasures of the table - which include as always a good chat!

A good time was had by all - and mercifully it did not rain!

May Devotion
article posted 20th May 2012
May is the month traditionally associated with the Virgin Mary and it offers opportunities to ponder her vital role in God's plan of salvation. Without her willingness to serve, the Incarnation of God in our Lord Jesus Christ would not have happened, and the Christian Gospel would have been stillborn. In her faithful obedience, she provides today's Christians with a good example to follow.
On Saturday 19th May this year we celebrated our May Devotions here at St James the Great, Haydock. The service began at 12 noon with the Angelus, followed by a celebration of the Eucharist at which the guest preacher was Fr Mark Nicholls. We enjoyed a splendid lunch - opportunity to have a chat and to make new friends - and the afternoon was rounded off by a service of the Lady Chapel.
If you were unable to come on this occasion, perhaps we might see you at one of our other events. You can download a poster giving details of this event by clicking [here]
It is a mere 88kB, so should download easily.

Raise the Roof!

International Choir Concert
article posted 22 March 2012
Combined Choirs
Warrington Male Voice Choir joined forces with a visiting choir from Australia in a special event raising funds to repair our Church roof. The music was magnificent and the roof was duly raised! You can see a brief account of the evening by clicking [here]
To say that the Concert was a resounding success is an understatement! As well as being a splendid evening enjoyed by all it raised £3,347 - and this does not include sales and donations after the event. For all of this, and to all who worked so hard to make it happen, a very sincere “THANK YOU!”