The Society of Our Lady of Walsingham exists to promote devotion to Our Lady under her title of Our Lady of Walsingham .

Our parish Cell of Our Lady of Walsingham was established in October 2006. It meets usually on the 3rd Tuesday in the month at 7.30pm for a celebration of the Eucharist. This may be followed by a social or fundraising event.

Members also meet together to celebrate the principal feasts of Our Lady and each year there is a parish pilgrimage to Walsingham.

More details about the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham can be found on its website at:


Cell Calendar
article posted 16 Dec 2016

Annual Report
article posted 5 Apr 2014
The Cell of Our Lady of Walsingham started here on 15th October 2006. This year we will celebrate our 8th anniversary. We have 50 members and 2 people waiting to be admitted.
In the last six years we have either given money or bought items for the shrine to the value of £4,325.00 we have also in the last three years given £1,935.00 to our church and parish room.
Fund raising plays an important part in our cell and this helps us to be very generous to the shrine and other various causes. We have held Breakfasts, Race nights, Raffles, Cookbooks, Crafts, Gift sale and Individual members have raise funds on their own, people have been very kind in giving us donations and supporting the cell my thanks too all.
Our cell promotes Walsingham with finances and prayer and especially with our members devotion to Our Lady We promote devotion to Our Lady by going on pilgrimage to Walsingham and other Marion Shrines both here and abroad. This strengthens and renews our spiritual beliefs.
The cell is going from strength to strength, my thanks to our cell superior Fr. Rodney Middleton and to all members.
Yours in prayer
Dot Beesley ( cell sec )

Black & White Race Night
article posted 30 Mar 2014
The race night went with a swing! Some of our stalwart supporters were unable to be with us, but all who came enjoyed the an evening of entertainment the like of which is hard to find elsewhere! For an account of the evening, together with photographs, please click  here!  Overall the event raised nearly £400 for the Walsingham Cell, of which £50 was donated to our link diocese of Wiawso in Ghana.

Bishop's Letters
article posted 15 Mar 2014
Not everybody gets letters from a Bishop, but Dot Beesley does! She had written to Bishop Lindsay Urwin giving news of our Walsingham Cell and its activities. She mentioned the Rosary Group too. Bishop Lindsay has replied and if you wish you can see that letter  here. 
A few days later she received yet another Episcopal Letter. The Shrine is asking for support as it seeks to improve the seating in the Shrine Church itself. Our Walsingham Cell has donated £1,200 to purchase one of the specially commissioned bench seating units, and Bishop Lindsay Urwin has written to Dot to thank the Cell for its generosity in supporting the Shrine and its pilgrimages in this way. Please click  here  to read what Bishop Lindsay Urwin had to say.

St David's Day Breakfast
article posted 3 Mar 2014

St David's day saw the members of the Cell in action once again, slaving over a hot frying pan to produce traditional English Breakfasts for all who came. Of course it was more than a mere breakfast - the morning offered a chance to meet and chat, and to support the work and ministry of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. The event raised £200 after all expences had been paid, for which we thank all who gave their support. Click  H E R E  for more details and some photographs!

Ghana Night!
article posted 9 Feb 14

It was a splendid evening on the 21st January when we gathered to enjoy colourful Traveller's Tales as Fr Rodney and Fr Robin re-lived their epic journey to Ghana to meet Bishop Abraham Ackah and to be made Canons of the Cathedral Church of the Ascension in our link diocese of Wiawso.
It was the night of the Walsingham Cell Eucharist, and members of the cell provided sumptuous refreshments (cheese and biscuites, cake and wine!) to make the evening even nicer! The slides were stunning, and the narrative was highly entertaining (punctuated as it was with cheese and biscuites, cake and wine!) as well as informative The Cell ran its usual stalls and generated £69 which it was glad to donate to support our fellow Anglicans in Ghana.

Cell News
article posted 8 Dec 2013
Our own Cell celebration of the Eucharist will be in Tuesday 17th. December at 7.30pm after which we shall meet for some pre-Christmas festivity in the Parish Room. In the New Year we shall meet for the Eucharist at 7.30pm. on Tuesday 21st. January. Very many thanks to all who were involved in and all who supported the recent Race Night. This attracted the biggest crowd for such an event so far! As a result the racing, raffle and stand-up bingo raised £720 towards the Parish Room project whilst the various stalls and games made £348 for Cell funds.

2013 Annual General Meeting
article posted 23 October 2013
The Cell held its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 22nd October 2013, after the Cell Eucharist. Fr Rodney thanked Dot Beesley for all her work throughout the year, and Fr Robin for keeping track of Cell accounts. He thanked all Cell members for their support. As ever, Dot had prepared an Annual Report of the Cell activities, including Fr Robin's Accounts, which was received by the meeting. This may be downloaded by clicking  here. 

2013 Pilgrimage to Walsingham
article posted 25 Aug 2013
Our parish pilgrimage to Walsingham took place this year from 12th to 15th August. Cell members, together with friends from St James' and from other churches in St Helens and Liverpool, made up a pilgrimage party of nearly fifty souls. The weather was kind to us, and afterwards all agreed that it had been a really rewarding pilgrimage.

At our Awards Ceremony we were honoured by a visit from Bishop Lindsay Urwin, the Shrine Administrator. Once again, thanks to the generosity of supporters and friends, the Cell was able to present a substantial donation to the Shrine, for the restoration of St Augustine's. For photographs and more details please click  here. 

There was also much fun along the way. Where else could you find such an impressive array of witches' hats?

Walsingham Cell Breakfast
article posted 28 Jul 2013
It was a good day to hold an event, because the weather forecast promised heavy rain later. The Cell Breakfast was very successful and all who supported it enjoyed their start to the day. For a brief account with some photographs, please click  here. 

February Meeting
of the Walsingham Cell

article posted 13 Feb 2013
We met on Tuesday 19th. February when we attended the Eucharist at 7.30pm, beginning by following the Stations of the Cross using a meditation which sees our Lord’s journey to Calvary through the eyes of his blessed Mother.

We are very grateful to all those who have helped in fundraising for the Cell and its support for the work of the shrine. Our Christmas raffle raised £100 and Ann and Doreen made £100 from knitting, baking and making chutney. Our pre-Christmas evening raised £78.00 and further contributions have been made by the craft stall and other members efforts. Finally Dot and Barry Beesley gave £20.00 in thanksgiving for the blessing at St. James’ of their grand-daughter Charlotte Helen Beesley following her baptism in Scotland.

The Cell at St James the Great, Haydock, is always keen to welcome new members, so if you'd like to join in please come to one of our regular meetings which more often than not are on the third Tuesday of each month. We'd like to see you!

Cell Annual General Meeting 2012
article posted 24th October 2012
The Cell AGM was scheduled for Tuesday 16th October, and as such meetings go it was friendly, fun and relatively painless. First, though, we joined in worship in the Lady Chapel for our customary Cell Eucharist. As part of the AGM our indefatigable Secretary Dot Beesley presented her report, which gave testimony to the multifaceted activities which had characterised the Cell's year. This is a "must have" document and well worth reading: you can secure your own personal copy by clicking [here]. The Cell at St James the Great, Haydock, is always keen to welcome new members, so if you'd like to join in please come to one of our regular meetings which more often than not are on the third Tuesday of each month. We'd like to see you!

Walsingham Pilgrimage 2012
article posted 25th August 2012

We spent four days at the Shrine, combining worship with fellowship and fun! The weather was kind to us, which was a blessing. And on the Wednesday evening we were able to present Bishop Lindsay Urwin with a £1000 donation towards the rebuilding of St Augustine's, one of the buildings which makes up the College.

St Augustines

More details of the Appeal may be found on the Shrine website here. After that, the fun turned to hilarity, as the traditional Guild of Servers' Awards were presented. Brian Griffin was as usual quite brilliant in the role of Compere.
There was also plenty of time to worship and to absorb the sheer peace of the place. If you'd like to, you can see the Pilgrimage Programme by clicking [here].

Cell Eucharist and Fund Raiser
article posted 21 July 2012

Our Walsingham Cell gathers each month - usually on a Tuesday evening - to share the Eucharist together. So on 17th July we met in the Lady Chapel with the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham in prominent position to aid in focusing our thoughts and prayers.

As the appointed time drew near, Dot rang the bell to encourage the worshippers.

The Lady Chapel was soon filled.

Fr Rodney was the Celebrant, ably assisted by Fr Ian and by Debbie.

Unusually our service on this day included the Laying on of Hands for one of our number who was shortly to go into hospital.

After the service we retired to the Parish Room as is our custom, for refreshments and a good chat, but also for more serious business. Fr Robin reminded us of the current appeal for funds - the Shrine at Walsingham needs money to refurbish part of the College. His description of the privations suffered by clergy staying in that old building was most moving! So we buckled to with a will, buying raffle tickets and mystery gifts to help out. The craft stall also was well patronised. Our thanks to all who supported so generously. When our August pilgrimage takes us to Walsingham we won't be going empty-handed!

Cell News
article posted 23 June 2012

It is likely that by the time you read this some of us will already have been on pilgrimage to Ladyewell (2nd. June) and also to the National Pilgrimage at Walsingham. (4th. June). However, we shall be meeting as a Cell on our usual Tuesday, which will be 19th. June, for the Eucharist at 7.30pm. Thanks go to all who were involved in both the Race Night on 4th. May and our Festival on 19th. May. In their different ways both were memorable occasions! It was good to welcome a number of visitors to the Festival which was clearly very much appreciated by all who took part. “Old hands” at pilgrimage to Walsingham will know how the facilities and the grounds have been transformed over recent years; but important challenges still remain. One of these is St. Augustine’s in The College where Fr. Rodney and Fr. Robin have stayed many times. After protracted negotiations the go-ahead has been given for the restoration and up-grading of this historic Listed Building. A special appeal will be launched soon, which we hope to support